Eren, Eren, Eren. What a character. I applaud him of course, but at what degree do I agree with his actions? Well, in my opinion, if I found out I'd been subjected to a world of horrors based on the past of my ancestors, I'd have a little problem with it too. I mean, I don't think I'd destroy the whole world, but I would get some sort of villain arc satisfying my Id... anyway I wanna talk to you guys about Eren's head lmao. If you watched episode 3 (the most recent) you'll know what I mean. I don't read the manga, so I was NOT ready for his head getting blown clean off by a .50 wielded by none fucking other than Gabi the bitch herself. She has a K/D of 2 now can someone please stop her before she gets a tactical UAV. If she wasn't such a pussy bitch, I'd contemplate wanting to add her to the CJ Dachamp's (on YouTube) round table of black air force energy. I mean she manages to take the head of one of its current members I think that should have some credit. Although, it did nothing in the end seeing as Eren's head conveniently lands in the palm of his currently immoblised brother, Zeke. *I'm not gonna judge that writing but... come on Isayama*

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