Jiro and lil Nez roll up. WDYD?

Updated: Jan 27

*Demonslayer episode 6 SPOILERS*

Now, I know with a title like that, and the recent episode of Demonslayer's Entertainment District Arc having been widely talked about recently, I'm sure you can fathom a guess as to what this post is referring to. Tanjiro went ape shit against this Upper Six demon. And lil Nez had her say too but we'll talk about Jiro first. This man didn't hold out until backup arrived. He was the backup. This dude went full out frontal assault Hashira mode???? He had the finishing slice in the palm of his hand when his lil sis (not Nez though, a dead one) decided to pipe up in his conscience and fuck up his day. I ain't ever seen someone choke up so fast and I was so ready to watch Daki's (the upper six demon) head get swiped clean off like he was giving her a lot off the top at the barbers. He was lucky he had little demon sis Nezuko on his back otherwise he was a GONER. And I mean there's no piece of your body left bro like you were d e a d.

Enough about Tanjiro though. Now we gonna talk about lil Nez over in her wooden box. Y'all, if you thought Jiro went ape then his little sister went full King Kong. First of all she had the sickest new demon form on show for the first time. She has a single horn coming out of the right side of her forehead and some badass vine-like tattoos that travel up her body and around her limbs. Oh yeah she can now regrow limbs... and yeah I mean okay that's cool but most low-tier demons can do that. Well. Her's is instantaneous, even faster than Daki's, and the razor-like nails on the tips of her hands AND FEET LADIES AND GENTLEMEN are a testament as to why you don't fuck with Nez. She came out the box all gassed up ready to rip this bitches head off. She done fucked up Daki as a whole, tearing her limb from limb just to watch her regrow it and do it again. Then she went outta control (like she wasn't already??) so big bro had to step in and sing Nez a lullaby to calm her down and get rid of her im-gonna-fucking-kill-everything-i-see demon mode.

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